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Magpie couch

‘Hold that couch!’


31cm x 9,5cm x16,5cm
Collection Jan de Waard en Elly Albers



Uninvited guest/passant
Art on the farm, Drogeham
Ford ka


Wall advertisement
2m x 2,5m
Wortelhaven, Leeuwarden

Train announcement
Performance literary train, Leeuwarden/Stavoren

Weest bevlogen/Be inspired
Art month, Ameland



Tropical aquarium
190 x 88x 42 cm.
Different everyday objects Fries Museum,




‘Weest bevlogen’ Festuca Glauca/ornamental grass
1 metre x 1,5 metre Lyclematuin, Beetsterzwaag


Secretary bird
Different everyday objects 73 x 79 x 31 cm